About Us


Perfect Power Welders develops, manufactures, sales and offers relevant service for modern welding equipment, covering an area of 12,000㎡.

Great quality, dependable Perfect Power welding machines

With a professional technical team, who has more than 20 years of experience in developing digital inverter welding source, the company has obtained many innovative national invention patents, utility model patents and design patents on the digital inverter GMAW welding machine.

Great quality, dependable Perfect Power welding machines

The double-pulse welding software technology for the very thin sheet is in the lead in the welding equipment industry and has acquired multiple software copyrights, which enables the welder to weld a thin aluminum sheet of 0.35mm. The stability and welding performance of our welder far exceeds that of similar products in China.

Perfect Power Welders strictly implements ISO9001:2000 management system and “CCC” standard. Some products have met CE, ROHS, and CTICK certification requirements, and have been widely used in the power, petrochemical, petroleum, shipbuilding, automotive, steel structure, machinery manufacturing, hardware processing and other domestic and overseas industries and fields.