CUT-60 IGBT Inverter Plasma Cutting Machine

The CUT-60 Plasma Cutter is a powerful machine that cuts through mid-steel, thin copper, thin aluminum, and stainless steel up to 25 mm thick with ease, using a 220V power source and features automatic water-proofing, pilot arc starting, and O.H&O.C protection. With a cutting capacity of up to 25 mm at 60A, this plasma cutter is perfect for DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike.

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1. IGBT inverter for high efficiency, simple operation, and smooth precise cutting.
2. Pressure regulating valve does water-proof automatically, the gas meter was molded together with the machine, no need to install it.
3. Pilot arc starting increases cutting capability and cutting speed, improving the service life of the torch kit.
4. Adjustable post-flow function.
5. 2T/4T self-locking function.
6. Capable of cutting all metal plates.
7. O.H&O.C protection, for long-term use.


Power input AC(V)

1ph 220V ±15%

Power input frequency(Hz)


Max. Load Power Capacity


Rated current input(A)


Rated output current(A)/voltage(V)


Cutting current range(A)

20-55 A

Open circuit voltage DC(V)

360 V

Rated duty cycle(%)


Max.cutting thickness(mm)

25 MM

IP grade


Insulation grade



500*215*380 mm

Weight (KG)

15 KG