MIG-315L PRO Gas MIG/MAG/Gasless Flux Core MIG Welding Machine IGBT Inverter

Another benefit of the 315 Amp MIG welder is its compact and lightweight design, making it easy to maneuver and transport. This makes it ideal for both shop and on-site welding projects. The welder’s advanced cooling system also ensures that it runs efficiently, reducing downtime and increasing its longevity.

1.Full bridge IGBT converter guarantees the stable output power
2.Multifunction welder for industrial use: MIG/MAG, Gasless flux-cored wire welding, and MMA.
3.The full digital control system, welding parameters can be adjusted independently; Stable arc output, and superior welding quality.
4.High efficiency and duty cycle, and no noise from arc welding rectifier.
5.Less spatter and high metal deposition rate; nice welding bead and less deformation.
6.MMA function is designed to weld various electrodes like acid.alkaline,stainless steel, cast iron, etc with excellent performance.
7.Ideal for use in outdoor and indoor conditions.
8.Operation safety protection against over-voltage, and low-voltage,over-current and over-heated.



Power input AC(V)

1PH/2PH/3PH 150V-500V

Power input frequency(Hz)


Max. Load Power Capacity(kVA)

15.7 kVA MIG welding machine

Rated current input(A)

29 A

Rated output current(A)/voltage(V)

310/29.5(MIG), 270/30.8(MMA)

Welding current range(A)

30-310(MIG), 30-270(MMA)

Open circuit voltage DC(V)

62 V

Rated duty cycle(%)


Wire Feeding Speed(M/min)


IP grade


Insulation grade




Weight (KG)


Wire Melting Type

spray transfer