200V-440V AC DC TIG Welder IGBT Inverter TIG-315P AC DC TIG Welding Machine

The TIG-315P multi-function welding machine is a versatile tool with AC TIG, AC pulsed TIG, DC TIG, DC pulsed TIG, MMA, and Auto welding functions. It can handle a variety of materials, including steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and magnesium with thicknesses ranging from 1.0mm to 10mm. It also supports tungsten electrodes with diameters from 1.0mm to 5.0mm, providing users with great flexibility in their welding projects. With a wide range of functions and compatibility, this welding machine is a great choice for professional welders and DIY enthusiasts alike.

TIG-315P AC/DC Multi Voltage. Categories: ,

1. Multi-function welding – AC TIG, AC pulsed TIG, DC TIG, DC pulsed TIG, MMA, and Auto welding.
2. Digital control technology and one-knob intelligent control panel.
3. Thanks to the high frequency & high voltage arc ignition circuit, it realizes excellent arc starting with a 99.9% success rate, especially suited for different types of spot welding.
4. Pulsed welding with adjustable pulse frequency, achieving high-quality welding of thin metal sheets, dissimilar metal, materials of different thicknesses, and even the requirement of double-sided forming welds.
5. Adjustable clean width and clean scope.
6. Optional torch with amperage control & optional foot pedal switch.
7. Intelligent over-voltage, low-voltage, over-current, and over-heat protection, safe and reliable.



Power input AC(V)

200V-440V 3ph

Power input frequency(Hz)


Max. Load Power Capacity(kVA)

12.9 KVA

Rated current input(A)

34.0 A

Welding current range(A)

15-315(TIG) 20-315(MMA)

Open circuit voltage DC(V)


Rated duty cycle(%)

35%(315A TIG) 60%(240A TIG) 100%(186A TIG) 35%(315A MMA) 60%(240A MMA) 100%(186A MMA)

IP grade


Insulation grade






Rod max.