MIG-500L PRO Gas MIG/MAG/Gasless Flux Core MIG Welding Machine IGBT Inverter

With an industrial-grade IGBT module and a fully digital control system, this multifunction welder is perfect for industrial use. It offers MIG/MAG, Gasless flux cored wire welding, and MMA capabilities, all with independently adjustable welding parameters and stable arc output for superior welding quality. And with less spatter and a high metal deposition rate, the welds are clean and precise. The portable separated wire feeder with control cables and control keys allows for heavy industrial use with a 20kg wire spool capacity. With overheat, overcurrent, and overvoltage protection, this welding machine offers safe and efficient welding for all your industrial needs!

MIG-500L PRO MIG Welding Machine. Categories: , ,

1. Industrial grade IGBT module adopted
2. Multifunction welder for industrial use: MIG/MAG, Gasless flux cored wire welding and MMA
3Full digital control system, welding parameters can be adjusted independently; Stable arc output, superior welding quality.
4. High efficiency and duty cycle, and no noise from arc welding rectifier.
5. Less spatter and high metal deposition rate; nice welding bead and less deformation.
6. Portable separated wire feeder with control cables and control keys.20kg wire spool capability for heavy industrial use.
7. SPLMIG/MAG and SYN MIG/MAG can meet the needs of different users and are more simple to operate.
8. Overheat, overcurrent, and overvoltage protection.



Power input AC(V)

3PH 150V-500V

Power input frequency(Hz)


Max. Load Power Capacity(kVA)


Rated current input(A)


Rated output current(A)/voltage(V)

500/39.0(MIG), 500/40.0(MMA)

Welding current range(A)


Open circuit voltage DC(V)


Rated duty cycle


Wire Feeding Speed(M/min)


IP grade


Insulation grade




Weight (KG)


Wire Melting Type

spray transfer